My Bad..

Did I just drop off the edge of the tinternet  again? I  did.. Bad girlie..?

It was my birthday week ,last week, so I am officially ‘old’ MEH. I’m still waiting for my brain to catch up with my physical age, but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon methinks.

I did make out on the present front, though. I got the TorchWood box set, the Heros box set, the Riddick trilogy dvd set, and err a MoonLighting box set – I really have no clue as to why husband dear bought me that.. oh and a new hot water bottle, which I was delighted with.

The last DiscWorld book was released last week also,The Sheperd’s Crown which was exciting and devastating at the same time. I haven’t started it as yet, my copy is sitting right beside me but it has been years since I have read anything Tiffany Aching related so I though I would go back and re-read the back catalogue starting with The Wee Free Men.

You do know the the domain name – Temporal-Confusion -was taken from  ‘Wintersmith’ which was the third book in the Tiffany Aching & the Nac Mac Feegle series.. *smiles* just sayin’..?

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