Quiet Please!

So, I’m sitting here typing this out on the Ipad Air not the easiest thing to do but never mind 😀
Hubbies has taken the younger boy with him on an errand.I’m left behind (thankfully) with the older, who is currently jumping around like a loon whilst listening to Queen. Yes, he’s ten years old and is into them BigTime. Luckily his rents are and have always been huge fans so he has their entire back catalogue to peruse at his leisure 😂 as long as he finishes tidying his room then it’s all good. I have held two of the new books that I bought him back as an added incentive. He’s a big reader and according to school test thingies he’s around 16-17 level.Scary but he does take after me in that department. My dad gave me the ability to love books,so in turn I passed that onto my boys.Small boy is around 12 year range so all is good.Both are in top tiers at school and doing very well indeed. Older boy enters Year 7, so it’s a big year for him with sitting the Transfer Test 😝
I have just finished Hard Landing by Stephen Leather,it’s a re- read as I first encountered Stephen Leather via iTunes and my IPod many years ago,and I’m starting on Soft Target shortly. Again it’s a re-read for me but hey it’s Spider Shepard and gads know I can’t get enough of him.Black Ops just came out and once I finished it I was salivating somewhat ,and not looking for an 18 month wait for the next, the opportunity to purchase the first six arose and as I did not have them in hard copy I fell on them.Happy days 😎

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