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Rinse and Repeat..

So, I did another runner , and the Tories are still spewing out shite. I once was told that “90% of people are stupid and should be treated as such ” but to apply that to the whole of England? I always had a fair opinion and did know a few, a lot really, of thick brits but they have really outdone themselves this time.

Great Britain? No, not even that good to be honest . The anti Welfare brigade came out in force screaming for Cuts to be made , so they did and did again until they cut to close to the bone to the screamers , then all of a sudden it was a case of “We meant them, not us!”

Tough. You wanted it, you got it.Deal.But of course those people are too thick to realise what the Tory Scum are doing  to your country , in plain sight might I add.

Screaming from the roof tops that Labour did this and that but who’s been in power since 2010? George Osborne spent more in his five years as Chancellor than every combined Labour Government did..

So, while some might say Labour brought the country to its knees,  it was Tory blade that tore through its heart…












Wonders Never Cease..

So the Tories,in all their wisdom have decided that those with Chronic Illnessses will no longer need the constant reassessments that over the past few years we have had to endure.

Wow. In 2010 they introduced the Work Capability Assessment to determine who could possibly work and who couldn’t. It sounded fair enough to me, unfortunately I have M.S and with regards to my illness I have nothing to hide,so it sounded a reasonable enough procedure to go through.

I figured they would do an initial ‘in house’ process to weed out the incurables – people with secondary M.S, Downs and so forth, then pull in the ‘maybes’ folks with Relapse Remitting M.S etc because I know a lot of R.R peeps can and do work because they were diagnosed during their working career and just ‘get on with it’ for as long as possible ( myself included )

But oh no, they couldn’t possibly use common sense here . We all know that anyone claiming Incapacity Benefit was a faker, a scrounger, a lazy fat sponger pulling a fast one, yeah we know the likes *rolls eyes* and besides it would be much more fun to pull in every single one of them psychologically torture them for a bit, leave them on the breadline for a few months then tell them ” The computer says No ‘

And that’s exactly what they did.For nearly six years under the guise of helping the disabled people back into work, supporting us, not writing off any disabled person, giving us a chance on a level playing field because we all know a disabled person biggest hurdle in preventing them from working isn’t the fact that they can’t get transport to and from work, nor is finding an employer who is willing to accommodate your disability needs or the very small point of maybe that disabled person cannot manage physically or have cognitive capabilities to do the job in question but that they think they are disabled therefore they act disabled.

Cutting a long story short here the Tories used the discredited Bio Psycho Social Model meaning we can unthink ourselves from being disabled. They then brought in Unum and Atos into the equation and wrapped into a nice tidy little package using the mantra Work will Set You Free or “Arbeit Macht Frei in other words.

But now they have decided that it isn’t that much fun to do anymore after all.*Blinks*