Bless Me Father, for I have sinned..

I did a very bad thing last night. A very ,very bad thing.
You may or may not know that I collect Funko Pop vinyl figures, I only started last May perhaps? Well, I have managed to collect somewhere in the region of 120 ish? As my dearly beloved husband loves to berate me on the topic “That’s £10 a pop – 120 you’ve wasted! ” err no dear slightly more than that BUT anyways a bunch of new Pops were released and they caught my eye as I have several of the same theme in my collection.

Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, Civil War and Marvel Pops. Well, it started on the 19th of September when a Newt Scamander was released – its from the new Movie ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ‘ you know from the Oh it’s Harry Potter related , you should really know if you’ve read HP. It’s a Newt with egg – I have the SDCC which was released a monthish previous, I bought him from Forbidden Planet. Then on the 23rd I bought the Civil War Winter Soldier with a missing arm, a HP Triwizard with egg and a Jareth from Labyrinth all of which are Hot Topic exclusives again from Forbidden Planet. On the 30th I bought Oz from Buffy ( I also nabbed a now vaulted Buffy )on eBay but they don’t count here. On the 4th of October I snagged a sparkly Edward Cullen from Twilight but last night, oh dear last night…

Last night I did a very bad thing. A very,very bad thing thing. An incredibly bad and naughty thing in the mouth of Christmas when there are bills to be paid, gifts to be bought with TV licences and Car Insurances to be renewed..

I did a bad thing.
Husband was watching the Broncos last night ( don’t speak ) I was lying in bed with my iPad allegedly finishing my Sims ( DirtyLittleSecretShame) ..

Except I went on to Forbidden Planet again – I should be blocked from that site but – I was on Forbidden Planet and I bought somethingssss….


My Bad

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