I am Soo never gonna get the hang of this blogging thing! I start with all these wonderful aspirations and goals of doing the bloggy thing ‘properly’ this time.And I don’t ..I fail in the most spectacular way every time.I mean EVERY TIME!

So this time, take or leave it I guess ?

The ¬†Older boy has started secondary school.He did indeed pass his AQE ( transfer test) so we enrolled him into a local Grammar. Don’t get all shirty and uppity about it , that boy started school at barely four years old,he has adored school,loved learning ‘stuff’ sorry but he has always been an academic ,not athletic much to his dismay ,but well there it is.

He loves it,all the strange and wonderful new subjects to get to grips with.He is truly in his element. I do have some small reservations about Grammar, but for him it seems to be the correct environment.

He’s happy so therefore I am happy!

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