Rinse and Repeat..

So, I did another runner , and the Tories are still spewing out shite. I once was told that “90% of people are stupid and should be treated as such ” but to apply that to the whole of England? I always had a fair opinion and did know a few, a lot really, of thick brits but they have really outdone themselves this time.

Great Britain? No, not even that good to be honest . The anti Welfare brigade came out in force screaming for Cuts to be made , so they did and did again until they cut to close to the bone to the screamers , then all of a sudden it was a case of “We meant them, not us!”

Tough. You wanted it, you got it.Deal.But of course those people are too thick to realise what the Tory Scum are doing  to your country , in plain sight might I add.

Screaming from the roof tops that Labour did this and that but who’s been in power since 2010? George Osborne spent more in his five years as Chancellor than every combined Labour Government did..

So, while some might say Labour brought the country to its knees,  it was Tory blade that tore through its heart…












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