There’s the Pattern again..

I blog for a spell, then clear off for a few months, okay it’s been slightly more than,but why split hairs eh?

I have been binge watching a lot of Netflix (Doctor Who!) Shooter and most of the Marvel releases such as The Defenders,Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist as I said I have been binge watching whilst waiting impatiently for the new series of The Flash,Arrow,Lucifer and a long list of others.

I have also been reading a lot on my Kindle Fire, yes I know but my actual book collection exceeds more than 400 books so space is a problem, so rather than purge my books I bought a Kindle and signed up for Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, two months agoish and have read around 55 titles of varying genres..

Boys are fine , the elder just started Year Nine at LGS, and the younger who’s in Year Seven, does his AQE in October..

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