Well then.

I have to be honest here my varied and scattered posts are down to fact that I keep forgetting the password, then the email attached to it , there’s a whole mess to unscramble it but..

Its almost Christmas but for the most part the boys have been sorted. After much deliberation, on their part, it was decided that a Nintendo Switch and various games would be the main gift. Of course, on my ‘surprises’ role I went a little on the crazy side which included Nike winter jackets, Nike hoodies, ADIDAS tracksuit , an Under Armour tracksuit, more games on various platforms – I’ll stop there because it’s embarrassing and yes I did go OTT cos well seeing as Santa doesn’t come to over  the 10’s it my only opportunity to do that. It’s a bit sad that the Santa stage is over so soon, yes, they do indeed grow up so fast.

I have a Year Nine and a Year Seven who’s almost finished at Primary and ready to move to Secondary, and it looks like the younger boy may end up at the Grammar as well although I am having second doubts regarding the Grammar.

My doubts are not about the level or standard of Education which my son is currently receiving, just well, I won’t go into it any further just yet.

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